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Oxygen Lancing Pipes

New Hindustan Tubes is an Industry leader in the Manufacturing and Exporting of Oxygen Lancing Pipes in India. We manufacture oxygen lancing pipes of different size based on the customer's requirements. We have a huge production capacity for oxygen lancing pipes. We stand among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of oxygen lancing pipes in India. We are also one of the largest exporters of oxygen lancing pipes in India.

Lancing Tubes are mainly required by steel plants, Ferro - alloy plants and other industries when similar furnaces are used. It is used for blowing oxygen into the furnace.

There are ½" or 1 ½ -1" dia tubes made of 14 SWG or 16 SWG M.S.Sheets. The joint of the tube is welded in tight.

Oxygen is used in the manufacture of metals like steel, copper and zinc. Chlorine is used in the manufacture of Aluminum. These gases react with the undesirable impurities and form their respective oxide or chlorides. These oxides or chlorides then float to the surface of the molten metal and are removed.

To transfer these gases to the molten metal, a pipe is needed. This pipe is the lancing pipe and the process of injecting gases into molten metal is known as lancing.

Traditionally an ordinary pipe has been used. The material of construction is low carbon steel (Mild Steel), electrically resistance welded (ERW) in the shape of a pipe. Since the molten is steel or copper or zinc, and the pipe is of mild steel, the pipe melts into molten metal, at the end which is dipped into it. Besides because of high temperature of the molten metal, the pipe also gets oxidized and melts faster into the molten metal. Hence the pipe gets consumed and has to be replaced.

Oxygen Lancing Pipes For Ferro Alloy Plants


NEW HINDUSTAN TUBES PVT. LTD. Burning Lances can be employed to cut all types of steels, metals i.e. copper, steel, cast steel, cast iron, skull, heavy melting scrap and for Ferro Alloys Plants, Burning & Jammed taphole opening, cleaning of spills from continuous caster and Blast furnaces and any burning operation for industries.

What is Oxygen Lancing ?

NEW HINDUSTAN TUBES PVT. LTD. Oxygen Lance is a Hollow electric welded tube used in various sizes from 1/8" to 2" inside diameter. Oxygen Lance Pipe comes in a variety of end finishes. End caps are provided to prevent contamination.

Generally large furnaces are non Tilting in Type and use bottom pouring method to take out the Molten Metal through the Tap Hole. When the Tap hole needs to be opened the same is done with the help of a High Frequency Induction Welded Low Carbon Mild Steel Tube which can sustain 750 PSI Pressure without leaking of Suitable Size 8mm NB,15mm NB or even 25mm NB in certain Cases. Oxygen at high pressure is injected through these tubes into the Tap Hole and the molten metal starts flowing. Depending on the type of Ferro alloy or Steel Plant or Copper or Zinc Smelter the Consumption of the Pipe is determined. These lancing pipes are basically used to open the Tap holes of Bottom Pouring Furnaces.

Our oxygen lancing pipes with long service life are developed from hot rolled carbon steel. Prior to dispatch of the range to our clients, these are passed through various tests including dimensional checking, hydro testing (pressure test), flattening test and drift test. Global standard lancing pipes are widely accepted for blowing oxygen in electric arc furnace.

Oxygen Lancing is a reliable method for tapping heats or for other production operations.


LENGTH OF PIPE :- 3metres to 6.6 Metres or sutaible Lengths can be
given as per customer's requirements

6mm 9.6 8mm 13.2
10mm 17.2 15mm 21.4
20mm 26.8 25mm 33.6
32mm 42.0 40mm 48.4

Oxygen Lancing Pipe Uses

A : Oxygen Lancing Pipe is used to "DeCarb" (remove the carbon) from molten metal. During the steelmaking process, desired carbon content is attained by injecting oxygen into the molten metal. This process is used in blast furnaces, s basic oxygen furnaces and also induction and electric furnaces.

B : Lancing Pipes are used for opening furnace tap holes, cleaning ladle well blocks, unclogging tundish nozzles, cutting ferrous materials, providing the steel or iron is hot enough to sustain burning, ie cutting skulls, spill clean-up, etc.

Other Industrial Advantages

Lower Down Time

As infrequent replacement is required, the down time is reduced directly by 2.5 times. This brings a minimum savings of 5 mins. Per heat and at 17/18 heats a day it translates into 90 mins., ie. 1.5 hrs/day. This is equal to 450 hrs/year.

This saving of 450 hrs/years gives the following :

  • Savings in Electricity Cost equivalent to 450 hrs/year.
  • Savings in Labour Cost 450 hrs/year.
  • Higher yield equivalent to 450 hrs/year.
  • Lower Inventory Cost.
  • Lesser space for storage of Lancing Pipes.

Therefore it is prudent to use PCC Pipes for Lancing especially in the charged scenario of the open economy where for any industry to survive in competition it is necessary to increase efficiency, quantity and decrease costs.

Pipe ends Plain or Threaded
Production standards Conferming to IS-10577
Packing Black lancing Pipes in Bare bundles
Inspection Mill's certificate or inspection by an independent agency.
Tests Performed Dimensional Checking,Hydro Testing (Pressure Test), Flattening Test, Drift Test.

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